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Trust [Nov. 30th, 2003|12:00 am]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Cirque du Soleil - «O»]

I went to go see someone play the harp tonight, but apparently she is out of town. Did have an interesting experience on the way back, though.

At one of the belly-dancing shows a month or two ago, I happened to overhear an extraordinarily attractive woman mention that she plays harp at a coffeehouse every Saturday night. I meant to go that very week, but of course I put it off. Not having anything else to do this weekend, I thought I’d go tonight.

The Kensington Coffee House is very cute, and they do have a great selection of munchies, coffees, and teas. My original plan had been to stop by the North Park location of Ranchos Concina for dinner, but my nap took priority. The harpist usually starts at 20:00; I got there a few minutes early and had their veggie lasagna and mint tea — pretty yummy!

Well, 20:00 rolls around, and no harpist. I wait another half-hour, mostly looking through the UCSD Extension catalog. When she still hadn’t arrived by 20:30, I decided it was a lost cause and took off.

On the way back to my car, a girl walking the other way asked me if I had seen the Route 11 bus recently. I hadn’t, but I asked here where she was headed anyway. When she said “downtown”, I thought I’d offer her a ride, as my apartment is more or less on the far side of Downtown from Kensington.

It was a genuine offer, but I didn’t think that she’d feel comfortable enough to accept it. She asked me if I were a murderer, and I think I responded with “Nah... I haven’t killed anyone in months.” I was somewhat surprised when she did accept the offer.

I am not over in that part of town much, so I had no idea what the best route back to downtown was from there. On the way, I only made one particularly stupid driving maneuver; I did miss the more efficient directions, though. *shrug*

It turns out that she even knows the harpist whom I wanted to see; the latter is out of town for the weekend. We had a nice conversation, although it was a bit stilted the entire time — probably some combination of her going “what if he is a sociopath?” and me going “uhh... cute girl, uh, what do I say, uh...”

We did talk a bit about the local arts scene, although I was so befuddled (while simultaneously trying to impress her, both with an attempt at interesting conversation and by driving competently) that it probably wasn’t particularly fluid. One amusing happenstance was that she is applying to Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado; having lived in that general area for six years, I could tell her how nice it is (“... plus, coming there from San Diego, it won’t even seem expensive to you!”) Anyway, I wish her luck; it really is a great place to live, and I’ve heard only good (if occasionally wacky) things about the school.

She was headed downtown to meet up with someone and write a part of her application to the school. I dropped her off at a store she needed to stop by first (after a bit of driving around to find it). She seemed grateful, and I hope I made her evening easier (and not scarier).

So... as a 6'4", 240 lbs (192 cm, 110 kg) bloke, I felt pretty comfortable in offering her a ride — but I honestly expected her to decline, for entirely rational and valid reasons. This might be another case of me “seeming trustworthy”... but I don’t know. I’m not even particularly flattered, as there is nothing to distinguish me from any anyone else in this situation (except maybe a sensible car and non-flashy clothes, dunno).

And I do feel good that I could help someone out. Yes, it was certainly influenced by her being cute; but it is so ingrained for us to distrust strangers, especially strangers offering favors, that I’m startled by my offering, her accepting, and the entirely non-dramatic completion.