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LJ Meetup

Went to a LiveJournal Meetup this evening. I didn't stay long, but I did get to meet voider and caprine in real life, and saw samuraimeg who had been at my gaming afternoon this last Saturday. (She is also apparently nolly's evil twin. Bloody small world created by the intersection of San Diego, LiveJournal, and oddly social geeks...)

My first hint that I was in the right place came from overhearing fishnetfatale and stop_no_dont talking as I walked in the door, and "LiveJournal" was the word I picked out. Clever.

Had a nice conversation with voider about operating systems and similar (computer) geek topics. Another person there (all I got was her real name "Kathy") joined us, claiming it was the only conversation she understood. Oh dear.

A good time. I'll try to make more meetups (and also caprine's musical thing, third Saturday or so) in the future...
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