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deliriumdreams + squig = meyhem [Jul. 7th, 2004|08:00 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Alphaville - Dreamscapes (1/8) - Sounds like a Melody]

deliriumdreams and her squig K came out to visit. I had a lovely time, and I barely survived.


They came in Saturday evening; after a bit of cell phone funnery, we successfully met up and headed back to my place. We walked down to Newport and had a nice quick dinner at Obie's, which recently changed hands. The new place has a fantastic beer list, and J and I split a glass of the fantastic Port Brewing Red Square Imperial Porter for dessert. Yum. We wandered down Newport to the beach; it's the first time K had seen the ocean, and she was totally entranced. Before too long, "walking along the beach" became "wading in the sea" became "I don't care that I'm totally soaking wet in my street clothes... ocean, take me away!". Much fun was had, and K is a die-hard ocean fan at this point. She got a bit cold on the way back, but she doesn't regret a second of it. The route back to my place along the bluffs is beautiful, but a bit painful in places. That's ok, I'm a Big Dumb Male who is happy to carry her on my back. Er. She crashed almost as soon as she got back to my place. J and I stayed up a bit longer, but we were both pretty tired, and passed out pretty quickly ourselves.


sun bear at san diego zooWe stopped by Ranchos for lunch; they're from Albuquerque, so they get good Mexican food all the time [pout!]. From there, we went to the zoo. The parking lot was more crowded than I'd ever seen, and we had to park way the hell out in the boonies. On the way in, a couple with a stroller gave us a few passes for various events in the park -- they had used them for admission, but nothing other than that. deliriumdreams has issues remembering what the okapi are, but we're working on that. K also had me wrapped around her little finger ... but I needed the workout anyway. And it let her play with a polar bear's ears. That evening, we went to the beach ... but at least K was in her swimsuit that time. She loves the ocean. The fact that she can't swim never even crossed her mind. A rather nerve-wracking hour for "Uncle Tkil" later, we were both soaked. We stopped by South Beach for some delicious fish tacos to go, did a quick detour to buy another brush for K's exceptionally long hair, then back to my place. K stayed up long enough to eat her dinner and wash her hair, but collapsed soon after. J and I weren't far behind.


A morning of doing not much, then a jaunt to go... shopping. The long way 'round. Our first stop was Lou's Recoreds in Encinitas; I got her a pile of weird stuff (mostly obscure nordic artists). Then we stopped by Fry's Electronics in San Marcos; I bought two 512MB Compact Flash cards, and K got to look at the fish (this store is themed around "Atlantis"; lots of aquaria inside, and giant spark generators in obelisks out front). From there, we drove by my work, then over to Fashion Valley mall, where J hit the M.A.C. outlet store. In a show of strength, I resisted K's urgings for at least 30 seconds before wandering off in search of more interesting stores. We ended up in the Apple Store downstairs, with K playing with their eMacs. (I'm sorry, but there's something about black-fabric-covered squishy balls that's mildly erotic to the point where having little girls sit on them is pretty disturbing...) Then we went to the beach again (do we see the trend here, yet?). I was more prepared for it this time, and J put on her suit for this excursion. Managed to surprise her pretty thoroughly once; that was worth the effort. :) Another dinner brought home from South Beach; my friends K and A from Las Cruces arrived about then as well. The sleeping arrangements got decidedly odd that evening: J's squig passed out first, so she got the master bed; K & A were tired from the 10+ hour drive, so they got the guest room ... then J and I were left on the futon in the front room. A few minutes making her drool (...) by having her listen to my good headphones and headphone amp; her comment was basically: "Wow. If I had music like this to listen to all day, I wouldn't be able to go to work..." Which brought to mind the old Steve Martin routine: "It's a good thing that men don't have tits: we'd just stay home all day, playing with them!"


I had kept this a secret from J's daughter K, and almost from K & A, but J let it slip the night before. A few months earlier, I had reserved slots on the long photo caravan tour at the Wild Animal Park. I didn't know this, but A had been talking about this on the ride over from Las Cruces; she's legally blind, so most exhibits and their tram ride are not very interesting to her. feeding giraffes!It was great. Our driver was one Jenn (a member of the vast Jennifer Conspiracy), and William was our guide back in the truck. We got to see all four of their main exhibits, and to feed giraffes and even rhinos! (Baby rhinos are almost unbearably cute.</a>) After that caravan tour, the rest of the park was anticlimactic. We saw the elephant show, which was cute; and the bird show, which was alternately cute and amazing. (The fact that the "UFO" sound was that from the old Atari "Asteroids" game was worth the price of admissio...) We also crossed paths with an extremely cute anteater. So adorable! He never moved fast enough to be a worry, so his handlers just put him down in a cleared area, let him eat some ants, then grab him before he got into any trees. Awwwww. We did not take K to the beach tonight. I think all of us were totally knackered by about 21:00.


sea dragonWe headed out for Birch Aquarium at Scripps Wednesday morning. The first half of the tour was a fascinating traverse up the western coast of North America, from Baja California to Alaska. There were some fascinating jellyfish, a few cute sharks, and an amazing tidepool exhibit. The highlight of the second half of the tour were the sea dragons and the rest of the sea horse exhibit... and a bit about sharks, of course. Afterwards, we stopped by seal beach, then one last lunch of lobster tacos for J. Then, sadly, off to the airport. A lovely time, but I'll have to work out for more endurance for the next time that the lovely little K visits. Our current plan is for her to get to visit out here by herself as a reward for learning how to swim. Hopefully I'll survive.

[User Picture]From: deliriumdreams
2004-07-28 07:45 pm (UTC)
Awesome pics and I couldn't have written it up better. Except the hair brush run to the store was Tuesday when we were all thragged, cuz I thought I left it at Ranchos when we got breakfast. The first trip was for... ummm... something else... Fruit for K maybe?
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[User Picture]From: deliriumdreams
2004-07-28 07:49 pm (UTC)
oh and the link to seal beach is supposed to be sharkie?
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