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brain dump

I'm a cam whore. Scary, but true. Ask me to make fire, and I'll most likely do so. Currently, easiest formats are a baby woofa bottle and a bit of torch juggling. (Easiest via iChat AV, but if you have other ideas, I can try them...)

Hamsa Lila is a pretty cool band, and seeing htem live was nifty. I fled early, because the density of cute women (two in the band, lots on the dance floor) was oppressing me. Maybe I just have bad vibes for shows at Winston's...

raindancer is visiting this coming week. YAY! It will be grand to hang out with her and her family, and perhaps finally get to meet lordsauron in person (instead of just critiquing his math via LJ...)

Another friend of mine from Albuquerque is in town for a race of some sort; I haven't heard back from her, but hopefully we'll be able to hang out in the next few days.

And then deliriumdreams is visiting next weekend. Squee! some fun stuff to do here, then we're going to take the train up to San Luis Obispo, then drive to San Francisco from there.

I might not survive, but I'll die a happy man.
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