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Xavier Rudd

Just got back from the Xavier Rudd show. One-man band, playing various combinations of: didgeridoo, lap guitar, lap bass, harmonica, kick drum, shaker egg, xylophone-style thing, and doing vocals. If he's coming anywhere near you, I strongly recommend seeing his show. Amazing.

(Was also the most crowded I've ever seen Winston's; it was definitely standing room only, and even before the main show, two people got ejected for rowdy behavior. Was involved in one of those ejections ... kinda scary. I don't think that guy was just on alcohol...)

Other than that, just plodding along.

deliriumdreams had business in San Francisco, but flew out here first... so we went to the Stone 8th Anniversary party; then to a friend's house unwarming; took the train up to San Luis Obispo; drove up to San Fran; went sailing in a catamaran on the bay, had some lovely food for dinner, and a wonderful night at a posh hotel; then she had to go home early because her mom had pneumonia. Still, a lovely few days of visiting with her.

Had a lovely Labor Day vacation visiting deliriumdreams; we got together with raindancer and her family; N (who first introduced us) and V, his wife; my friends D & J (who were out here this January), and generally goof off. deleriumdreams and I took her daughter K to the state fair, which was lots of fun.

Work has been interesting of late. There's an ongoing project which I find really annoying, and there's been some big news lately about the company, so who knows what's going to happen. (It does seem that I still have a job for the foreseeable future, which is nice.)

Scheming to see Random Access Memory in Tempe on October 1st with deliriumdreams and jettdelirium. chancellor_d, you should join us; they're pretty good future pop.

The Rosarito-Ensenada Ride is coming up next weekend (September 25th). It looks like my friend D, his gf K, and I will try to do a one-day trip (leaving here early in the morning, doing the ride, then coming back that evening...). Will be exhausting but hopefully fun.

ohdhalia is coming out to visit me the first weekend in October; I haven't seen her in three and a half years, so that will be delightful. The plans so far include hitting a bunch of roller coasters...

Longer-term plans include spending the first week of November in New Mexico (in Las Cruces for the annual Halloween party, then up to Abq to pester deliriumdreams and attend a wedding).

Me? I'm just plugging along.
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