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busy weekend

"Heaven holds a sense of wonder
And I wanted to believe..."
-- "Silence" -- Karma -- Delerium & Sarah McLachlan

Just finished a lovely weekend, graced with ohdhalia visiting from Atlanta, and A visiting from Las Cruces.

Thursday: Arrival

They both got in last Thursday, and we had South Beach fish tacos for dinner. I also managed to get a flat tire that evening before collecting A from the airport, so that was an unexpected bit of extra exercise...

Friday: Magic Mountain, Cousin in LA

Friday, D and I drove up to Magic Mountain; we spent a few hours going on some good coasters. (For some reason, I thought it was in Anaheim; instead, it's on the far side of Los Angeles, so more like 3 hour drive "even the way [I] drive"...)

On the way back, D and I met up with my cousin M in Hollywood for dinner; we saw her new apartment, then grabbed some yummy Italian food for dinner.

A stayed here in Ocean Beach and walked on the beach, had coffee, and hung out at her favorite bar.

Saturday: Shopping, Oktoberfest, Clubbing (or not)

Saturday started much slower; we had delicious Ranchos for lunch, then over to Pacific Beach to do some shopping at Trader Joe's.

Then we went to the Ocean Beach Oktoberfest; since Stone was going to be serving, I had to "represent". (Hey, a kilt is the closest I could get to lederhosen...)

A few hours later, we grabbed some Chinese dinner at A's favorite restaurant in Pacific Beach, China Inn (their Cashew Chicken is outstanding, and their mu-shu is fabulous.) Then a quick trip to The Crypt, and then back home. D had made vague plans to meet up with some new friends at a club downtown, but those fell through.

Sunday: Gaming, Sushi

I had planned a gaming day for Sunday, yet still managed to almost sleep in too late. We grabbed a quick breakfast at the Old Townhouse Restaurant -- well, as quick as it can be with a line out the door. It was very good, quite reasonably priced, and I'm somewhat surprised that I've lived here for almost 3 years without having eaten there before. Yummy.

A stop by the Olive Tree on the way back for party fixin's, and I was only 30 minutes late to my own party. One coworker (DB) had already been and gone, but I caught him on his cell before he went too far. He showed up a few minutes later, promptly taking over the kitchen to churn out a huge vat of guacamole and some fresh from-scratch salsa. YUM.

In the mean time, the three of us played a few rounds of Pluck (rules here and here, although the variant I learned was 7/6/4 with 2HSD removed and big/little jokers added).

After DB finished in the kitchen, we had a few rounds of Hearts as well. He had to leave about 3:00, but B, N, and C showed up about then and kept a bit of a crowd going.

We switched to Apples to Apples after that, and went for a good few hours on that. A won. She wanted to take a break, so she went for a walk (she also wanted to get in some quality pier time, a ritual for her whenever she visits out this way!).

I MC'd a round of Outburst, boys vs. girls ... the girls had an early lead, but they got thwarted in the end.

A returned just in time for us to go get some sushi at Sapporo (although I disagree with that review -- their food is excellent, especially their tuna...) Turns out she'd already gotten some sushi for her trip to the pier, so we just dropped her off at Obie's for a few pints of Boddingtons. (If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, and you like a good beer selection, Obie's does a good job...)

Sushi was had, and we were amused that ohdhalia seemed to hit it off with C. They enjoyed being snuggly on the walk, and we lost them for a while on the way back. Ahem.

Collected A a few hours later when the pub closed.

Monday: Departure

All good things must end, and today was it for their visits. D's plane was at 9, so she was up at 5:30 (gag!) getting packed and ready; I rolled out at 6:30 to join her for breakfast, then dropped her off by 7:30. Found out later that she had to wait 3 hours to leave due to "technical difficulties" ... ick. At least her MP3 player battery held out.

In the mean time, I'd returned home, and A was just coming back from getting one last coffee from Jungle Java; we stopped by Ranchos for breakfast (uhg, no more room in my stomach, just had a liquado (smoothie) instead. Got her to the airport in good time for her 10:30 flight, including walking her to the gate (she's legally blind).

Then to work at noon. Work kinda sucked (which is why they call it "work", I suppose) and I'm quite tired from the weekend. Wouldn't have traded it for anything, though; I had a great time. Seeing A is always fun, and getting to see ohdhalia for the first time in three and a half years was fabulous. We always end our phone calls grinning like idiots, and a whole weekend of that just about killed me. :)
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