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catching up [Oct. 12th, 2004|10:25 pm]
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[music |Uakti + Philip Glass - Xingu River]

With a weekend of much fun sadly behind me, I realize that I actually have this coming weekend "off": no plans, no visitors, no nuthin'. So I thought I'd recap the last few weekends.

October 9-10: Had some lovely friends in town, drove around a lot, got silly. Much fun.

October 1-3: Flew to Phoenix to meet up with deliriumdreams, jettdelirium, and mandini11 for the RAM show. chancellor_d and kimberly joined us for the show and a few drinks afterwards at our hotel. Was fun to meet the new faces, and to see Jett for the first time in years. Always fun to visit with Mr. Doom, and his rescuing me from a Sunday of tedium was very appreciated! (Ooh, green chile! Swoon!)

And DeliriumDreams... well. :)

September 25-26: Did the Rosarito-Ensenada ride again. Had a good time; it was just D and I, although I met up with a coworker at the start line and once or twice along the route. My usual habit of stopping and helping broken-down cyclists continued this year, and it's still lots of fun. (Although I do feel that it's wise to go on some shorter rides with people who know what they're doing before committing to a 50mi ride in a foreign country...)

Got a bit sunburned, took a few pictures, had a good time. Got a bit lost driving back, but got home eventually. The one-day trip works pretty well -- will probably do it again next April.

(Also, I was amused to realize that my bib number was 1554. Actually chatted with a few gents with New Belgium Fat Tire jerseys on; us Arrogant Bastards were some of the heavier cyclists out on the course. Correlation? Nah...)

September 17-19: Apparently, nothing happened.

September 10-12: Had a visit with an old friend from Phoenix (who is now in the Seattle area), and then drove up to LAX on Saturday to visit jinglechelle, her husband L, and their adorable little girl R. Had a good time hanging out with them, then scared myself by driving the 120 miles back to my place in less than 100 minutes. Ummm... ouch.

From: chancellor_d
2004-10-13 08:18 am (UTC)
It was good to see you too. And again, our apologies for the bug invasion at my casa.

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