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collide live [Jan. 11th, 2005|01:20 am]
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deliriumdreams and I saw Collide at Brick by Brick tonight. It was a great show! They're touring the West Coast right now -- if you get a chance, check them out.

The opening act was Call Me Alice; they were pretty interesting, had a lot of fun, and had lots of fans in the crowd. There was a weirdness where it felt like a bunch of Stevie Nicks impersonators had gone to an anime / goth cosplay event and tried to act like Hole, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. (And they were very perky and friendly after the event, too -- I didn't pick up their CDs this time, but since they're local, I hope to see them again.)

Collide is mostly Karin and Statik (complete with sTuDLyCaPS!), but they had a full band on this tour. The oddball was probably the bassist, who was playing something very odd for most of the show -- it almost looked like a Chapman Stick, but it had a body on it. The rest of the band was up to snuff, rather more rocking than I would have expected. Statik and Karin both lived up to image; he looked like an extra from The Matrix and she was more beautiful than I'd expected, and wearing a very classy "techno-geisha" outfit. Mmmm.

Speaking of visuals, there were a few girls that I'd been watching off and on throughout the evening, and we ended up standing behind two of them in the crowd for the main set. One, a tiny (and I do mean tiny) little woman, was really getting into it, swaying and gyrating. Her butch girlfriend left for a bit, and when the frat boy next to her got touchy, she started making out with a leather-n-chains girl on her other side... And when the girlfriend returned, she joined in.

I couldn't resist telling them that they'd succeeded in making me jealous of all three of them. :)

A fun night for all.

[User Picture]From: limbicresonance
2005-01-18 02:36 am (UTC)

from the isle of lesbos

I must admit...I've never seen that in real life. Damnit.
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