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depressed [Feb. 22nd, 2005|08:25 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |morosedefeated]

And every time I sit down to post, I just feel the energy sucked out of me.

And I find gems like this, that make me think that this world (and this nation in particular) is going downhill and I feel entirely helpless to stop it.

(Before you tell me to become politically active, note that I barely have the energy to fix my own life, let alone the rest of the world... and that's assuming I even know what it means to "fix" things. Maybe this is already the best it can be, and the neocons are right, and we should just buck down and shoot everyone who disagrees with us.)

Yes, I know that is a totally stupid thing to get all bent out of shape about. But it symbolizes so much -- the fact that pleasure must be considered sinful, the fact that the stupid majority can impose their irrational fears and neuroses on others, and the fact that it shouldn't fucking matter, yet the effort and time and money is being spent BY OUR FUCKING GOVERNMENT to oppress minorities. God FUCKING damnit.

[User Picture]From: unrendered
2005-02-23 04:35 am (UTC)
That's just unthinkable that it's even an issue. unbelievable.

I'll hold my vibrating butt plug high as a torch for your sadness (well, okay, I will in spirit). And shall neither of us ever have to live there.

Keep in there, t.

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[User Picture]From: kimberly
2005-02-23 04:42 am (UTC)
I feel a bit awkward replying as feelings can be quite powerful and private however ... I can empathize. We're supposed to "rage against the machine" but some times the muck and the mire is just so thick and the world becomes such a black and depressing place that ... it makes you want to throw your hands up. Stuff like that makes me think ... how can we come forward ... and then take so many steps back? I guess we are currently living in an age where any thing that feels good or gives you a sense of joy/happieness/well being must be abolished.

I'm always fond of saying, in the great words of Jello Biafra "last call for alcohol, last call for your freedom of speech". And who can forget (from the same song of course) "welcome to 1984, are you ready for the third world war". As much as the novel 1984 rings true every now and again in many ways and in many situations, it rings so very true now.

I understand your feelings of sadness and defeat. Life can suck so much out and leave so little left to spare. Here's to hoping there is a savior some where (where ever that is ... whomever it is ... however it is ... however far inside of ourselves we have to reach).

hugs - k
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[User Picture]From: lordsauron
2005-02-23 09:51 am (UTC)
*reads story*

*reads the state "Alabama" in article*
How not surprising..

Maybe it's because the fact it's 1:45 AM and I've had three near death experiences by San Diego assholes drivers, but I can't comprehend on how this can be even a law. How on this Earth can it even be enforced??

"The appeals court said it agreed with Alabama that the law exercised time-honored use of state police power to restrict the sale of sex."
There is nothing honorable about this. Nothing.

I hate Christian fundamentalism.
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[User Picture]From: limbicresonance
2005-02-23 04:47 pm (UTC)


At first I was thinking...I'm glad I don't live in Alabama...then I read that "Texas" has similar laws. WTF? I have three condoms to go stores within 2 minutes of my appartment here in Dallas. Weird.

It kind of makes me want to go be some sex toys right now, actually.
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[User Picture]From: crossfire
2005-02-23 06:37 pm (UTC)
The Supremes have been refusing to hear several cases lately that I would have expected them to take. It makes me wonder at their silence.
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