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poor subaru! (part 2)

Apparently the retirement of the old car and acquisition of the new one was just in time. Fates (or, at least, my subconscious) is telling me that Suby isn't long for these roads.

Tuesday, I drove the suby up to Toyota Carlsbad to buy the new car. I drove the new car to get a cashier's check out of savings (wince), then to work, then home. Wednesday, I took transit (well, bus, train, bus to be more precise) back to the dealership to pick up Suby. Drove from Carlsbad to work, then home from there. Near the end of that trip, the first omen occurred...

At the end of I-8, there are two lanes that turn left onto Nimitz Boulevard; a few hundred feet after that, people in the right lane can veer right onto Sunset Cliffs and into Ocean Beach. There's usually more than a bit of jockeying for position, and people zooming in from the left lane into the right to make the split. Being a slightly aggressive driver and ending up at the front of the right lane at the turn, I started off the line at the green pretty quickly.

I have no idea if I actually processed the car coming across, or if I noticed the vehicle on my left hesitating -- but I slammed on the brakes, and the car running the red light zoomed a few inches in front of my bumper. Whew.

Second omen: at the laundromat, I managed to scrape up Suby's rear passenger fender pretty good against an older minivan parked next to my car. Granted, the minivan was parked poorly, but I was also tired, had had a few beers at a coworker's going-away party, and had the music up too loud. I was trying to clear my side-view mirror, and cut over way too soon. SCRAAAAAAPE.

Thankfully, the guy was totally mellow about it -- it was a very old minivan (early 1990s Plymouth Voyager or similar), and the damage to the bodywork was minimal. He said he was actually just happy that I had been honest enough to find him and talk about it, since he'd just finished his own run of bad luck with fender-benders and the other drivers being assholes. So yay!

Still, two incidents in the space of a few hours? Mrr? (And don't get me started on how glad I am that it was poor old Suby that had the bad luck that night -- Suby doesn't deserve it, but I don't want to think how I'd feel if I'd scratched the Prius just a few days after I bought it. Would be like dropping my PowerBook after just a week or two -- and I only need to do stupid things like that once in a very long while... :)
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