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internet access with motorola v710 and verizon wireless [May. 6th, 2005|11:10 pm]
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The new car has Bluetooth. My old phone was getting pretty beat up and all I had left were aftermarket car chargers for it — not surprising, as I bought it when I moved out here three and a half years ago. So I went looking for a new phone.

My previous service was through Verizon, and while they're pretty slimy, it's the case that all wireless providers are slimy, and I can't find any particular reason to loathe one more or less than the others. Looking through their selection of phones, they only had a few with Bluetooth. I picked out the Motorola V710. Adding in all the adjustments, I think I'll end up being out-of-pocket about 130 for the new phone.

It works great with the Bluetooth headset I purchased at the same time, and I got to use it with my car earlier today — worked fine, although I need to figure out how to do voice dialling through the car system. (I was calling a co-worker to look up traffic reports online, to see why traffic was so slow; it was just a minor collision and lots of curiosity slowing, but it let me revel anew in how thrifty the new car is. Most of the creeping was done on the electric motor, so it showed stupidly high MPG. I'm about halfway through this tank, almost 200 miles, and averaging 45 MPG. </squee>)

Anyway, the current firmware is supposed to let the v710 act as a dialup modem over Bluetooth or USB. Since I don't have Bluetooth on my Mac, I bought the data cable (along with some useless Windows-only software, sigh) for 40$. I just tried it tonight, and it worked fine. If anyone is curious:

1. Shut down prefs (at least) on the Mac.

2. Plug in the phone with the usb cable.

3. Launch network preferences. It should report a new port being found.

4. Create a new location, and turn off all ports but "Motorola V710". (This is probably unnecessary, but I have a habit of generating new locations when I want to make sure that I'm only using one particular port.)

5. Go to the port configuration page for "Motorola V710". Under the "PPP" tab, you want: account name "1234567890@vzw3g.com" (replace that with your actual phone number); password "vzw"; telephone number "#777". Switch over to "Modem" tab and select the "Spring PCS Vision" script. Everything else I defaulted. Make sure you do "Apply Now".

6. Launch "Internet Connect" (in Applications). There should be the option to connect via the V710; in my case, it worked flawlessly the first time.

The data rate is OK; I haven't tried sustained downloads, but it was perfectly adequate for browsing LJ and Slashdot. Latency was high; doing an interactive text session over ssh was a bit painful. I've seen (and used) worse, though. (Just tried a big download: 17KB/s)

Huh. Although it seems to disconnect you after a few minutes of idling.

So now I can get internet almost anywhere I'm likely to go. Rockin'.

(Also, iSync in Tiger supposedly works much better with the V710. I tried it with the Panther iSync, and it didn't work too well. I'll see if there are other options for that, though. If I'm going to install Tiger, I will likely wipe the HD and send it in for some repair first.)

[User Picture]From: deliriumdreams
2005-05-07 02:48 pm (UTC)
*drool* spiffy new toy!
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