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subaru legacy vs. toyota prius - Tkil — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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subaru legacy vs. toyota prius [May. 9th, 2005|11:20 pm]
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Just to have the numbers in one place...

Spec Subaru Toyota
Model 1995 Legacy L Sedan 2005 Prius
Engine 2.2 L H4 Gas: 1.5 L I4
Elec: 50 kW
Power 135 hp (101 kW) @ 5400 rpm 110 hp (82 kW)
Gas: 76 hp (57 kW) @ 5000 rpm
Elec: 67 hp (50 kW) @ 1200-1540 rpm
Torque 140 ft lb (190 Nm) @ 4400rpm ??? total
Gas: 82 lb ft (111 Nm) @ 4200rpm
Elec: 295 lb ft (400 Nm) @ 0-1200rpm
Transmission 5-speed Manual Electronic Continuous
Drive All-Wheel Drive Front-Wheel Drive
Length 180.9 in (4595 mm) 175.0 in (4445 mm)
Width 67.5 in (1715 mm) 67.9 in (1725 mm)
Height 55.3 in (1405 mm) 58.1 in (1476 mm)
Wheelbase 103.5 in (2629 mm) 106.3 in (2700 mm)
Turning Radius 34.8 ft (10.6 m) 34.1 ft (10.4 m)
Curb Weight 2685 lb (1218 kg) [FWD?]
3120 lb (1415 kg) [AWD wagon]
2890 lb (1311 kg)
Interior Cargo ??? + 13.0 cu ft (??? + 368 L)
sedan, 60/40 fold-down to trunk
96.2+16.1 cu ft (2724 + 456 L)
hatchback, 60/40 fold-flat
Load Limit 850 lb (385 kg) 850 lb (385 kg)
Fuel Tank 15.9 gal (60L) 11.9 gal (45L)
21/28 mpg
(11.2/8.4 L/100km)
60/51 mpg
(3.9/4.6/ L/100km)

To amplify those milage numbers -- the EPA numbers for the Suby are dead on; I got 22 mpg on my commute (aggressive in-city highway driving), and 28 on longer road trips. So far, the Prius is turning in 45 mpg on the same commute I got 22 on.


[User Picture]From: el_bertrando
2005-05-10 08:18 pm (UTC)
I am hoping to get a Prius someday, but I've only had my car for about a year and a half. Are the controls weird? I remember something about a lever on the dash that looks like an emergency brake but isn't.
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[User Picture]From: tkil
2005-05-10 08:47 pm (UTC)


Yes, the controls are a bit weird (to the point where they give you a booklet of instruction sheets for valets).

The lever on the dash is actually the same purpose as the wheel or console lever in an automatic: you can move from park to reverse, neutral, or drive. There's a "braking" mode (for more engine breaking, vaguely analogous to lower gears on a traditional automatic) and there's a seperate button for "park". But other than that, you can mostly treat it as an automatic.

The only other control hiccup is that lots of functions can only be accessed through the screen display. Some things that makes sense, but having climate controls being purely "virtual" is a bit of a pain.

I'm still very happy with it though. And when you get your hybrid in a few years, the tech will only be better. :)
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[User Picture]From: bratling
2005-06-03 02:21 am (UTC)
60/51 mpg from a 1.5L displacement four-wheel vehicle.


my 0.996L two wheel vehicle gets 36/42 (worse in winter).

on the other hand, it gets 110hp out of that one liter, and weighs just 500 lb. wheee!
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