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dc trip: back safe [May. 17th, 2005|03:00 am]
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[mood |tiredtired]

Just a quick entry because my internet connection is being very very flaky at the moment. But I made it back safe and sound to San Diego, with only three America West Annoyances™ along the way:

1. Incoming flight to our Las Vegas connection came into terminal C, our outbound flights were in A and B. But you have to go outside the security perimeter and then back in. WTF?

2. deliriumdreams's connecting flight wasn't listed on the monitors. Eventually found it.

3. My connecting flight had 30 minutes of "miscellaneous repairs" done while we're all sitting in the cabin. At least they didn't try to keep us from using electronics while we wait. (I have an 2nd-gen iPod that I use along with these, and they came in very handy.)

And now that I've whined, the good stuff: it was lovely to finally meet all of J and K's friends out there that I've heard so much about, and occasionally read their LJ posts. Seeing Peter Murphy live again was great, although he's gotten nuttier in the intervening 8 years. And DC (particularly the Smithsonian) is a place that I could spend lots of time geeking in, even if I'd have to spend the other half ranting about how "everything is white, to remind you that only rich white people run the place" (thanks, Jett!)

And my nephews are noticably better behaved than when they were two. Surprise.

Will hopefully write up more soon, but if I don't, it was a great weekend and I'm really not looking forward to work tomorrow. (Especially as that 3:00 timestamp is not at all a typo.)

[User Picture]From: el_bertrando
2005-05-17 05:59 pm (UTC)
The only thing in DC I'm particularly interested in is the Smithsonian. I hope to spend a couple days as a minimum checking it out. I hear it's easily a week to really see everything.
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[User Picture]From: nolly
2005-05-17 09:34 pm (UTC)
More than a week, really. The Smithsonian isn't just one museum, it's a whole collection of them. Air and Space is easily half a day to a day all by itself, and Natural History is bigger, as I recall. American History is another day or so, and then there's all the small quirky ones, the art museums, the National Archives[1], the Holocaust museum[2], and other things, like the Ford theater and the Lincoln museum in the house where he was taken after the shooting.

[1] Not technically part of the Smithsonian system, if I recall correctly, and also not a full day, but worth visiting at least once, IMO.

[2] Opened since I was last in DC; I think it's a Smithsonian, but I don't remember for sure
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[User Picture]From: el_bertrando
2005-05-18 06:38 pm (UTC)
That sounds like an awful lot of planning and strategizing. Maybe I'll just go see the biggest rubberband ball in Iowa. I'm sure that would be...peaceful.
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[User Picture]From: tkil
2005-05-18 11:42 pm (UTC)


The worst part is that I get "museum overload" after just a few hours, so I'm only good for half a day any given day. Which means that I really should spend a couple of weeks out there at some point.

Oh well. I do plan on a massive road trip sometime in the next few months/years, and I might get the chance to do an extended DC stay at that point. Would be nice.
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[User Picture]From: nolly
2005-05-17 09:28 pm (UTC)
Hmm..I connected through Vegas recently, and I recall one path for through traffic that went around/past security insteda of out and in. Approaching the lobby/atrium area, it looked like I'd be going out then in, but it wasn't actually necessary.

I dunno. The Vegas airport scared me.
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[User Picture]From: deliriumdreams
2005-05-18 12:20 am (UTC)
Too bad they made you wait on the plane, otherwise we could have hung out a little longer. Glad you got home safe, even if I wasn't in any state to comment when I got home. :-)
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