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job posting off sdpm [May. 25th, 2005|12:05 pm]
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[music |Joy Division - Substance - Love Will Tear Us Apart]

Caught this on the San Diego Perl Mongers list. Since I've heard some people on my friends list talking about looking for work, I thought I'd post it.
From: jp@osft.com
Subject: Perl User Group - Request

Wanted 10 Perl Java C++ developers with a Unix and or Linux background. This is a re-write for a large firm on the west coast. Roles are available for candidates at Junior to Intermediate experience levels. Skills in order of experience and ability - Perl, Java, C++. Contracts will start ASAP.

Please send resumes to jp@osft.com.


Jay Parmar
Opensoft Inc.
Phone: 416-260-2656 x221
Fax: 416-260-5973
e-mail: jp@osft.com
(That is an Ontario, Canada, area code -- so there might be the potential for remote work here as well. I have no experience or connection with this comany, though, so caveat lector...)