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sister been and gone [Jun. 4th, 2005|09:30 pm]
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[music |Diary of Dreams - Hex Files 3 - Wild]

My sister L and her husband A (ventidrip) were in town for a few days; it was nice to see them again, especially when L had more spare time (last time was at A's sister's wedding, so it was a bit hectic.)

Wednesday night, we were just going to grab a quick dinner, but we ended up going over the bridge to Coronado for a bit, then picking up her college friend E in Pacific Beach. From there I took them to Ranchos for a quick bite of dinner, then dropped them back off at their respective hotels.

[sis at wild animal park]I took a half-day on Thursday to go to the Wild Animal Park with L. Yes, again. We just did the tram and a quick walk though the "Heart of Africa" exhibit, which was about the right amount of walking for her (she's expecting in August or so.) That's the nicest thing about shelling out for the yearly membership: going to the park for just an hour or two is fine, you don't feel like you're wasting lots of money if you have to leave early. (And at 40$ a pop to get in, that could sting a bit. I'm at the 120$/yr membership level, which gets me and a guest into one or the other park for free once a day, with free parking at the W.A.P. to boot -- I've definitely made that money back this year...)

She took a few hours to recover and meet up with her husband; I went and collected E, then the four of us met up at South Beach for yummy fish tacos. It has been really insanely crowded there lately, and even the waitstaff had no idea what was causing it. We had to be pretty serious table vultures just to get a place to sit down; I can't imagine what it's like if you go in there not being familiar with the Ocean Beach Slacker Seating Rules. The tacos were very good, though -- I just have to figure out how to make it there on weekday afternoons so I can enjoy the yummy food (and look at the cute waitresses!) without having to deal with huge crowds and loud music...

We took a quick jaunt up to La Jolla to see the seals, then dropped E off at her hotel. Back to O.B. so that L and A could pick up their car, and we called it a night. We made vague plans to meet up Friday (which got called off on account of us all being exhausted), and talked about maybe going to the Midway Museum on Saturday (which didn't happen because we all slept in). Oh well...

It was a lot of fun having them visit, and I hope they make it back soon.