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minor LJ annoyances [Jun. 18th, 2005|06:15 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |geeky]
[music |Pavement - Terror Twilight - Folk Jam]

1. The "link" option off S2 Generator doesn't have "style=mine" in the link, so it comes out bland or in destination style.

2. Viewing a thread seems to have same problem -- it uses the default bland style, neither the viewer's style nor the journal owner's style.

3. In S2 Generator, the inline / same page "add comment" box shows up as being hugely wide. This doesn't seem configurable. Why default the main text flow to 600px, when the text entry box forces scrolling?

4. Text entry boxes always have a white background, even when I've set all my other colors to be dark / jewel-tone. Again, doesn't seem configurable.

5. The "action buttons" on one's own journal pages (back, edit, tag, memory, next; also, freeze, screen, delete comments) are not editable, and they are all a bit too bright to go with a darker color scheme.

6. All the default color combinations for S2 Generator are horrid. Why not at least offer clones of the S1 Generator colors (which had a nice light-on-blue scheme that was at least tolerable...)

7. "Preview comment" doesn't show the comment or entry being commented upon. This means that it's difficult to use it for checkpointing, or anything beyond final proofreading. (It would be nice to use it as a "ok, finished this bit of thought, let me save that and make sure it actually makes sense as a response...)

8. Would be nice to get tag entries in the same very-condensed form you can get the month-by-month entries. Especially if that also displayed the other tags on each entry. (For that matter, displaying tags for entries even within the monthly view would be a nice thing.)

9. Speaking of which, it would be nice if there were a top-level "all tags for this user" browser available, with each tag defined to go to the display desired in (8) above.

From: ex_ramona222
2005-06-19 02:12 am (UTC)
10. My freaking background image has disappeared!
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[User Picture]From: deliriumdreams
2005-06-19 05:01 am (UTC)
It surprises me that you can't make some of those edits, not that I've ever tried. I assume you've looked at the S2 Manual and played with the admin console?
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[User Picture]From: tkil
2005-06-19 08:55 pm (UTC)

real geeks don't read manuals...

Because when we do, we find stuff like this that is annoying:
The styles and themes should have graphical previews and graphical wizards to customize every color, option, and text.
I guess that that "should" hasn't come around yet...
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