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breaking cover

Well, it's been a few months since my last update, and life is finally starting the slow slide back to normal ... or at least predictably weird. :)

Most of you know that deliriumdreams and I got married in a civil ceremony last November; this last weekend (July 22nd) we did the big party. Many of you even managed to be there:

  • shinankoku, the Best Man, and his lovely wife V;
  • jettdelirium, the Matron of Honor;
  • brotherkurt, our Officiant;
  • limbicresonance, an old buddy who agreed (at the last minute!) to do a reading;
  • raindancer, her husband J, and adorable daughter A;
  • jinglechelle, representing the Evil household;
  • bob_and_natalie, he's an ex-coworker and only married Natalie a year or two ago, although they've been together at least a decade at this point;
  • dropletsofsilke, whom I didn't recognize until after the fact (sorry!), and her lovely daughter M;
  • My sister L, her husband ventidrip, and their three kiddos E, N, and E.

And those are just the LJ folks I can remember offhand. I was a bit distracted. :)

It was a wonderful time, and a lovely start to the Real Marriage. Thank you all for being here for us in the past, this last weekend, and into the future.

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