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wedding pictures

A few galleries have already popped up. (Click on the pictures to go to the galleries.)

tkil, brotherkurt, and deliriumdreams at the altarThe "official" photographer was my friend (and ex-coworker) Daniel Baird; I highly recommend him for having a great eye and being thoroughly modern (fully digital, willing to povide RAW content instead of pricing it by the print, etc). you can contact him through his website.

come to the dark side, we're sparkly!Being the Matron of Honor, jettdelirium was a bit busy during the ceremony, but she (or whoever she gave her camera to!) got some great shots as well.

tkil and his aunt lilAnd my aunt was crushed when she realized she'd left her camera back home in Grand Junction. I wasn't going to be using mine for the day, so I loaned it to her -- and it worked out great, she got some really nice pics.

More galleries as people tell me about them. :)
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