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moving expenses

(Mostly for my own future reference, here are some numbers from my moving all my junk from San Diego, California, to Albuquerque, New Mexico.)

16' truck from Penske: 615$ after web and AAA discounts, then I added 72$ for the "loss/damage waiver", and tax brought it up to about 740$. Given 4 days (exactly, except that driving east meant I got only 95 hours, not 96, as I had to turn it in at noon in MDT, and I rented it at noon in PDT...) and unlimited milage.

Gas costs:
2006-08-04 22:50: Yuma, AZ: 232.4mi, 22.318gal (@2.989$/gal) = 66.71$; 10.4mpg
2006-08-05 10:30: Tucson, AZ: 229.9mi, 24.773gal (@2.879$/gal) = 71.32$; 9.3mpg
2006-08-05 19:15: Las Cruces, NM: 277.3mi, 24.153gal (@3.099$/gal) = 74.85$; [partial fill, 75$ limit]
2006-08-07 11:30: Albuquerque, NM: 226.8mi, 23.518gal (@2.999$/gal) = 70.53$; [after partial: 504.1mi / 47.671gal = 10.6mpg]
Total: 966.4mi, 94.762gal, 283.41$; 10.2mpg

Which is a bit better than I'd feared (I'd budgeted 350$ for gas).

Loading on Thursday went faster than expected, probably because 95% of my stuff was already packed into boxes; myself and one friend managed to do most of it before the rest of the gang showed up. (That's ok, everyone still helped with the beer afterwards. :)

The trip itself was uneventful, other than getting a much later start than I'd hoped to. I left SD at about 7p Friday evening, and got to Tucson about 3a; then I left for LC at about noon MST, arriving at 5p MDT; stayed two hours for dinner, then drove through some mighty rain to arrive in Albuquerque at about 11p.

Unloading went almost as fast; I spent Sunday morning clearing out some space in the garage, then just four of us (deliriumdreams, myself, and a couple we're friends with) got it all unpacked in an hour or two. shinankoku showed up right as we were locking up the truck, so he escaped having to help unload it... but he did buy us dinner afterwards, and that was much appreciated.

Returning the truck was uneventful, other than there being two buildings with the same street number. Erf.
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