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new mexico geek sightseeing checklist

Inspired by my trip to Trinity Site this last weekend, I thought I'd put together a list of geeky sight-seeing stops in New Mexico. Additions, and any other comments (even just a list of the ones you've visited) are welcome.

I've been to all of them except the Solar Observatory, although it's been a long while for some of them. I get bonus points for having been to the Atomic Energy Museum when it was still on Kirtland -- it moved after 9/11 prompted higher security -- and the old site, along with the Solar Thermal Test facility, are no longer available to the public.

I also realize that this list is tilted towards technology geeks; there are more tech things I'd add, but many of them are probably not open to the public (parts of Los Alamos, the Sandia "Z Machine"). There are of course also a huge number of natural wonders in the state (Carlsbad Caverns, various Malpais, arches) and cultural wonders (Cliff Dwellings, Pueblos, Missions). I'll leave those to someone else to fill in.

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