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still alive [Apr. 16th, 2007|01:09 am]
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Not much new to report. Our house has been visited by a plague of some sort; 9 days after first feeling it, I'm only somewhat back to normal. Sweetie is in the midst of it...

Took the boys to Meteor Crater and the Grand Canyon over their spring break; they were a bit young to really appreciate either of them, but hopefully they have a few memories to expand upon in later years. I suspect that the biggest landmark to come out of this trip is that I had to take care of the boys by myself for 48 hours, and nobody died.

K is busy trying to conquer the world, or at least her school. A few setbacks in the form of Stupid Boys, but I'm sure it's only a temporary glitch.

If everything goes well, sweetie and I will head out to SD this coming weekend. It's starting to be short notice, but hopefully we'll be able to have a good time.

And speaking of hope, I hope that everyone out there is surviving, thriving, and (pardon the expression) "being excellent to each other".

[User Picture]From: el_bertrando
2007-04-16 03:38 pm (UTC)
It's great to hear news of you. I'm still getting used to taking care of kids in the parental role rather than the "visiting guy" role. What did you end up doing with the job situation when you moved? Did you keep the same one? (yeah, I've been out of the loop for a while)
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[User Picture]From: tkil
2007-04-17 05:36 am (UTC)

kids, jobs

Dealing with kids is still a huge stressor. The oldest (and only daughter) is scary bright, but is also just an 11yo, starting to deal with crushes and so forth. The fact that we're prolly one of the poorer families sending a kid to her school isn't helping.

The two younger boys (6 and 7.5yo) are different problems; not fully rational, and hyper-competitive.

None of which is anything I'm any good at dealing with.


W.r.t. the job, I'm working remotely for the same company. That's working out OK for the most part, but our current house doesn't really have room for a home office (and, being an "open floor plan" house, not even really a good nook for me to take over or anything). So mostly I've been relegated to working off the kitchen table after clearing off breakfast or dinner remnants.

I'll probably take to hiding out in libraries during the heat of this summer.

Glad to hear from you! If we ever manage to do the huge road trip, we'll try to make it to Florida! :)
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: tkil
2007-04-17 05:37 am (UTC)

geekiness lost on little brains

Yeah, I'd been there once before, but got there too late to do the rim walk; I'm really glad I got to do it this time.

Unfortunately, the boys are just not quite old enough (or not fascinated enough by space / geology / whatever) to really have enjoyed it; they more endured it. Oh well. Try again, I guess.

(Although I suspect I should just save my money and buy them DVDs and video games, that's all they really seemed to care about.)
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[User Picture]From: lordsauron
2007-04-16 10:31 pm (UTC)
Ah excellent. You're coming back here. I'm free (so far) this weekend
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[User Picture]From: tkil
2007-04-17 05:38 am (UTC)


I've yet to find out if I'm really heading out this weekend; if we do make it out, I'll let you know. Sweetie has been dying to go to the Stone World Bistro, and I know more than a few people that are also interested.

Hopefully I'll know in a day or two. I'll keep you posted.

How's life treating you, post-graduation and all?
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[User Picture]From: lordsauron
2007-04-17 07:51 pm (UTC)

Re: visit

Oooh! Stone World Bistro! Count me in as "interested" :)

Currently unemployed but I spoke with a "head-hunter" this morning and he really liked what I had to offer. So I'm imagining that he'll pass off good things to the company he's working with. If that should not work out, I did apply for other gigs around here including a position that opened up at school. In the mean time, I hack out random things and play lots of NWN2 :)

What is this "snow" you mentioned in your post? ;)
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