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mawwiage is what bwings us tooogever, twoooday

Congrats to brotherkurt and ewbliette!

They eloped a few months ago (married in Las Vegas -- how romantic!), and they did their big celebration this last Saturday. deliriumdreams and I couldn't get the whole family down there, but I got to head south and embarass support the new couple.

The drive down was hellacious; two hours of the usual boring drive, but the last hour was though the worst weather I've yet to drive the Prius through. My previous car was an AWD Subaru, so I wasn't sure how far I could push the new one. It handled it great, although I dropped down to 50-60mph due to sheer lack of visibility. I took the Suby through a nasty downpour in Los Angeles a few years back, but I'd have to go back to some nasty Colorado snowstorms to remember the last time I've driven through weather that bad. (Still not as bad as taking an empty Ford Crown Victoria LTD over Raton Pass in a snowstorm, but...)

Due to the weather, only a few people were at brotherkurt's place Friday night. Most of them were old-school friends, though, so it was great to catch up and compare notes on how our lives are evolving. I ended up staying awake all night, and just got a bit of sleep from 8a until 12 noon on Saturday.

I picked up a few last-minute items during some errands on Saturday, then people started showing up for the shindig.

bestfiend arrived a bit early with her new baby and her husband (tennisfiend)! (That last is remarkable because he's vastly more of an introvert than I am at my worst. They've been married for nearly 10 years, and this is the second time I've met him!) The baby had just woken up, so he was a bit cranky, but he still got a giggle out of the jugging of koosh balls. So that helped.

During the bulk of the evening, I was just visiting with people: mostly old friends, but a few new friends were made. The original firemaster ("Brother Mark", I don't know if he's drunk the Kool-Aide and gotten an LJ acct yet) got drunk, so I ended up lighting most of the torches and throwing extra wood on the fire. FIRE!

brotherkurt had requested that some of his closer friends make toasts during the evening. I'd spent some time earlier in the day researching things, and between our shared love for music, and a knowledge of his German heritage, I came up with a few good bits. Then I shared some of the extra bits with others who hadn't had a chance to come up with their own quotes. My favorites ended up being:

Jeder hört die Musik anders—aber der gemeinsame Tanz ist wunderbar
“Eeryone hears the music differently—but the dance together is wonderful.”

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs—and returns home to find it — George Moore

Love is not a matter of counting the years—it's making the years count — Wolfman Jack Smith

I did threaten to put together a music compilation of the greatest love songs of the '80s, but they declined. I've no idea why...

It was a good weekend, and I'm glad I got the chance to make the trip. Here's wishing the couple many years of happiness!
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