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things to do in denver

It's been nearly 10 year since I lived there, and some 6 years since I visited with any frequency, but here's a list that I sent to deliriumdreams's boss when he was going to make a multiple-day visit. Since I thought it might also be useful for recent arrival heisenfeature, here it is:



  • Famous Pizza (multiple related-but-independent locations; I'd go to Broadway at Cedar and Park at Colfax). Rough and tumble; prefer fresh pies over slices.)
  • Old Chicago's. Damn good pizza, and an amazing beer list. Hurt yourself by trying to get onto the "World Beer Tour" plaque....
  • Beau Jo's Mountain Pies. Take a day to drive up US-6 to the original restaurant in Idaho Springs. See the majestic water wheel! :)


  • Jerry's Record Exchange (312 East Colfax, very funky)
  • Twist and Shout Records (at Logan and Alameda)
  • Wax Trax
  • Music on the Hill was a nice place up in Boulder, no idea if it's still there or not.

Other Stuff

  • Tattered Cover, the second-most-amazing bookstore I've ever been to (Powell's in Portland, Oregon, tops it, but still.) Two locations: North Cherry Creek, and Lower Downtown.
  • The Boulder Bookstore is another nice independent bookstore (on the Pearl Street Mall)
  • The Wizard's Chest is just a block north from the main Tattered Cover, and has great costumes, games, miniatures, and toys.
  • Ocean Journey ... although it looks like they have changed name since I as there.
  • Sakura Square (at 19th and Larimer, or nearly so). Some interesting Japanese ethnic stores, and a great festival every year. (Another Asian-rich region is at 6th and Federal, lots of supermarkets, etc.)
  • Larimer Square. Mostly restaurants and galleries, it was still a nice place to hang out over lunch or whatnot. Neighbors "Writer's Square".
  • Five Points. Where Downing, 30th, and Welton (sp?) all meet. Soul food!
  • 13th and Washington: Wax Trax (see above) is there, along with a decent little goth-themed cybercafe [remember those?] a few blocks west.
  • "Greek Town", on East Colfax between Columbine and St. Paul.
  • Bonnie Brae; University at Exposition (with Bonnie Brae coming in at 45°). Ice cream parlour, also a pro-garlic restaurant.
  • Downtown Old Golden (Foss Drug, Coors Brewery)

Additions and corrections welcome.

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