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'tis but a flesh wound

For someone who is a heavy emacs and keyboard-shortcut user... I advise against slicing open one's left pinkie.

Just in case you were planning on it.

p.s. 1/4th bushel apples takes me about 3 hours to peel, slice, and core. Just for future reference.

p.p.s. Best setup so far for apple processing: big bowl with apples in water (to wash off exterior). Peel, then have 2nd bowl with ascorbic acid wash, to remove misc bits from peeled apple and from slices. Slice into eighths, then remove remaining skin and core. Rinse in 2nd bowl again, and then move them all to 3rd bowl (again with ascorbic acid). Aforementioned 10lbs / 1/4 bushel yields about 6-8 qt of apple slices.
Tags: cooking, cutting, flesh
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