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meeting Maggie (or: abusing dolphins for fun and profit)

During the first week in August, the family went to San Diego for one last vacation before deliriumdreams started her PhD program, K started high school, I started my new job, and the boys got back into schoool. I'll try to post a full description later; suffice to say that we wanted to try to hit all the places that we had come to know and love in SD, and we had some success.

The very last day, though, we planned something special. K had it mostly figured out, but the boys were clueless. We were going to swim with the dolphins!

For better or worse, there was no human swimming involved: us silly primates stood on a shallow shelf, and the dolphin did all the work. I was a little underwhelmed by our trainer; she seemed to be phoning in her performance. (Granted, it was 10a on a Sunday, I don't entirely blame her ... but for the cost-per-minute of this event, I really hoped for a bit more, and the other groups seemed to have more enthusiastic trainers, so...)

Anyway, it was a pretty neat experience. If there were a place where I could actually swim with the dolphins, while being assured that they were being treated well ... I'd probably go for it. Not sure there is such a place, nor whether there should be such a place.

Having said all that, we were amused to discover that Anna Paquin was playing with the same dolphin just two weeks earlier!
Deliriumdreams kissing Maggie
Exhibit A: the lovely deliriumdreams smooching Maggie (August 9th, 2009)
Anna Paquin making kissy faces at Maggie
Exhibit B: Ms. Paquin making kissy faces at Maggie (July 26th, 2009)
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