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home deprovement


* Fixed garage door opener. (Hopefully. Remotes would stop working, sometimes tugging on the antenna wire would fix it. Eventually opened the case, saw that the crimp on the antenna wire was around the insulation, not the bare wire; replaced with new antenna wire (directly soldered, no crimp). Hope it stays fixed.)

* Fixed leaky kitchen faucet. It's a Moen cartridge type, so wasn't that hard to do. (On the prevalent rating scale, it was a "one-tripper" and another hour of labor, of which 40 minutes was disassembling and reassembling the replacement so that hot was hot and cold was cold.) A downside: new cartridge provides substantially lower pressure than previous cartridge did.


* Networking still frustrating. I can't tell if it's my router finally dying, or if Comcast is pissing on connections that haven't paid for the premium service, or if we're hitting it harder one way or another, but DNS is failing most of the time, and I can't figure it out. Which is frustrating, because presumably I'm in the business of fixing computers, right? Anyway. Might splash out on a Netgear WNDR3700 sooner rather than later...

* Couldn't get XP (re)installed on deliriumdreams old laptop, which we're passing on to K. So I put Fedora 11 on it instead, but the hard drive is showing errors, so maybe I'll be putting in that new 2.5" drive sooner rathre than later...

So I guess it's mostly a wash. I'm concentrating on the things I did wrong, of course, instead of the things I fixed, but oh well.
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