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home deprovement [Oct. 18th, 2009|12:40 am]
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[mood |sober, but not much]


* Fixed garage door opener. (Hopefully. Remotes would stop working, sometimes tugging on the antenna wire would fix it. Eventually opened the case, saw that the crimp on the antenna wire was around the insulation, not the bare wire; replaced with new antenna wire (directly soldered, no crimp). Hope it stays fixed.)

* Fixed leaky kitchen faucet. It's a Moen cartridge type, so wasn't that hard to do. (On the prevalent rating scale, it was a "one-tripper" and another hour of labor, of which 40 minutes was disassembling and reassembling the replacement so that hot was hot and cold was cold.) A downside: new cartridge provides substantially lower pressure than previous cartridge did.


* Networking still frustrating. I can't tell if it's my router finally dying, or if Comcast is pissing on connections that haven't paid for the premium service, or if we're hitting it harder one way or another, but DNS is failing most of the time, and I can't figure it out. Which is frustrating, because presumably I'm in the business of fixing computers, right? Anyway. Might splash out on a Netgear WNDR3700 sooner rather than later...

* Couldn't get XP (re)installed on deliriumdreams old laptop, which we're passing on to K. So I put Fedora 11 on it instead, but the hard drive is showing errors, so maybe I'll be putting in that new 2.5" drive sooner rathre than later...

So I guess it's mostly a wash. I'm concentrating on the things I did wrong, of course, instead of the things I fixed, but oh well.

[User Picture]From: odysseus_amazed
2009-10-18 06:33 pm (UTC)

Sounds like you're on a roll...

...with the household stuff! The computer stuff, not so much.

What's is the problem with the old laptop...hard drive failure? I normally find that with installs that Windows XP will usually install on anything (even bad drives), but then won't run. ANY flavor of Linux is usually more robust when it comes to hard drive errors...which is why my older laptops dual boot.

Seems like a good weekend to me!
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[User Picture]From: tkil
2009-10-19 02:27 am (UTC)

Re: Sounds like you're on a roll...

Heh. Yeah, the faucet almost rolled back to worse-than-original condition, but fortunately it was a cheap fix. My wife and daughter both complained about lower water pressure on the new one, but I thought it might just be new water conservation rules.

However, it turned out that the new cartridge got clogged with some sort of crumbly black bits; a quick removal / cleaning / re-install fixed that. If I'm lucky, it's the remains of the seals off the old cartridge, and it won't happen again; if I'm unlucky, it's the washers off the stop valves, and they might need to be replaced (which is more of a pain in the ass, but still doable.) I'll burn that bridge when I get to it, though.

The computer ... it originally had XP on it, but it was getting old and slow (we've had it 3-4 years). We wanted to give it to our daughter, but we wanted to delete-and-reinstall it. It came with XP Pro, but no media... so I was hoping that one of the various XP discs we had around the house would do the trick. No such luck. (Have a bootable XP SP2 CD now, hopefully the original machine license key will still work.) Although she seems pretty happy even with Fedora 11, so that's good.

(And yes, it's the original HD and it's throwing at least one SMART "failing" warning: 1 sector pending reallocation. It seems that there ought to be a utility that tells the drive to just freakin' reallocate it already, and not to wait for an external write command ... but maybe I'm optimistic.

I have a brand new 320GB drive to pop in there, so maybe I'll do that and put XP on it, keeping the old drive in case she wants to muck around with Linux any further.

(My other Linux-on-a-laptop frustration is trying to install Yellow Dog Linux 6.2 onto my old TiBook: I can't get the install DVD to boot at all! Very frustrating.)

As for networking ... I don't know how much of it is our fault, and how much is Comcast just basically sucking. It does seem worse during high-demand times, so I don't think it's entirely our fault -- but I do worry that one or more bits of our network are not responding to degraded external service in the most graceful way possible...

Hope life is treating you well up north!
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[User Picture]From: weilok
2009-10-19 10:21 pm (UTC)

counting your blessings

I am with a good computer and all it well except

We are only on 256k broadband. Yeap they call it broadband here in the UK not Dialup. Sigh! That was one thing I had forgotten about the UK. Craptastic internet.
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