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'Cuz I'm an ADULT now... - Tkil [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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'Cuz I'm an ADULT now... [Nov. 2nd, 2003|12:40 am]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

I posted this to a certain friend’s journal a few days back, and I just realized that he keeps it set to be friends-only. I’m pretty proud of this rant/advice, so I thought I’d share it...

Knowing what you want is perhaps the most important thing you can ever decide. Along with that decision, though, comes another question, equally painful: How much are you willing to pay to get it?

You know that I’m not talking about money, although that can be a part of it. I’m talking about what you’re going through now: the pain of growing up, of losing innocence, of having to modify your internal map to more closely and accurately reflect the real world, and not the idealistic one we all have as children.

For what else defines childhood, but the sense of nearly infinite futures? Adulthood is the conscious, willful choice to let some of those dreams die. And it’s a necessary step: without laying some dreams to rest, so that you might nurture a few dreams to fruition, none of them would ever come true: you’re spread too thin.