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catching up: recent trips, upcoming visits

I'll try to do larger entries on all these, but...

June 19th: Coworker M's wedding.

June 25th: Flew to Chicago with deliriumdreams for shechemist's wedding to T. Stayed with C and A, caused their house to explode, saw a bunch of old friends...

July 1st-4th: Flew to Denver for a gathering of the tribe; went to Ren Faire, nursed a cold, drove back (18 hours!) with deliriumdreams and two of her kids in tow (!!). Currently enjoying their visit, wishing I had more time and energy.

Upcoming visits:

July 13th - 22st: J visits from Seattle.
July 18th - ?: A visits from Las Cruces.
July 23rd - ?: K visits from Las Cruces.

September 10th: Stone 9th Anniversary Festival (deliriumdreams is coming out...)

September 24th: Ojai Pirate Faire.

Maybe other stuff. We'll see. Hope everyone is doing well...
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minor LJ annoyances

1. The "link" option off S2 Generator doesn't have "style=mine" in the link, so it comes out bland or in destination style.

2. Viewing a thread seems to have same problem -- it uses the default bland style, neither the viewer's style nor the journal owner's style.

3. In S2 Generator, the inline / same page "add comment" box shows up as being hugely wide. This doesn't seem configurable. Why default the main text flow to 600px, when the text entry box forces scrolling?

4. Text entry boxes always have a white background, even when I've set all my other colors to be dark / jewel-tone. Again, doesn't seem configurable.

5. The "action buttons" on one's own journal pages (back, edit, tag, memory, next; also, freeze, screen, delete comments) are not editable, and they are all a bit too bright to go with a darker color scheme.

6. All the default color combinations for S2 Generator are horrid. Why not at least offer clones of the S1 Generator colors (which had a nice light-on-blue scheme that was at least tolerable...)

7. "Preview comment" doesn't show the comment or entry being commented upon. This means that it's difficult to use it for checkpointing, or anything beyond final proofreading. (It would be nice to use it as a "ok, finished this bit of thought, let me save that and make sure it actually makes sense as a response...)

8. Would be nice to get tag entries in the same very-condensed form you can get the month-by-month entries. Especially if that also displayed the other tags on each entry. (For that matter, displaying tags for entries even within the monthly view would be a nice thing.)

9. Speaking of which, it would be nice if there were a top-level "all tags for this user" browser available, with each tag defined to go to the display desired in (8) above.
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LJ has tags!

Noticed when I posted the silver star piece earlier tonight.

In a fine example of yak shaving, I first had to switch to Style System S2, since S1 doesn't support tags at all. Then I spent a fair bit of time trying to come up with reasonable colors; most of the preset color combinations were bletcherous one way or another. (Is this an ICEPICK IN MY FOREHEAD? Why yes, I think it is! — thank you, jwz!)

Extra annoyance points for not having an easy (or at least obvious) way to tell it "switch to S2, but use the same colors I had before, even if they were in S1...)

My OCD moment for the night came when I realized that the default text for music and mood is those words in all lower-case, while tags (which you can't currently customize the text on) has an initial cap. The inconsistency bothers me (which I could fix by adjusting music and mood to have initial capitals), but I'd really like them to all be lower-case. deliriumdreams just laughed and called me OCD. Hm...

Anyway, got that sorted, and went back and tagged my entries for 2005.

So I'm curious about a few things; if you have the time to write back:

1. What do you think of the new colors? They look fine on my big LCD in a mostly-dark room, and I'll see how they work out tomorrow on a CRT in a brighter room. I suspect there is a bit of tweaking left to be done. (It would also be fabulous if there were a darker set of "owner icons" — the ones that let you edit journals, unscreen comments and the like; the light grey is a bit much on my very dark colors.)

2. What do you think of my set of tags? These are very much first-cut, and I've already done some revision. Some of the tags are too specific, some will not get used enough to be worth their own tag, others are maybe too broad.

I already know that "diary" is going to be used quite a bit, but I would like some way to distinguish between "this is what I did today" and "here's a random link or reaction to something I read on the net". I almost called it "rambling"...

3. What do you think of how the entries are tagged? Does it seem to map well? Does it help at all, or is this just an exercise in pedantry? (Not that that would stop me, but...)

Thanks! Even if you don't want to respond, I hope that others will pick up some tagging; and if nobody else does, I'll still be able to find subsets of my entries pretty quickly. Yay. (Although the win from tagging isn't but a fraction of the win I'd see if everyone used reasonable "subject" lines in their entries; going into someone's monthly view and seeing hundreds of "(no subject)" lines is just... ouch.)
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women in the military

Should be banned, especially from combat, because they just can't hack it, right?


Female army sargeant earns Silver Star, first one earned by a woman since World War II.

While I don't agree with the fact that we're having this conflict at all, I do support our troops that are out there trying to be as honorable as possible. There are a lot of them, and they deserve a much more honorable chain of command than what they've got...
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the rabbit speaks much truth

Only those with the courage to present their full, flawed selves to someone else get to have the kind of love that people write songs about. The rest, the ones that would prefer to hide, to borrow other people's things, to stay out of reach, to foster illusion, are destined to hear statements that they know are empty. They hear the same love songs, and like to think that such sweet words apply to them, but they know deep down inside that they don't. Their lovers are not the ones who look into their eyes and say, "I love you, flaws and all." Their lovers mutter their devotion as they walk past them, toward the door.
To the point where reading it makes me physically uncomfortable... which tells me that I need to pay more attention.

And/or drink more. Guess which is on the agenda for tonight?
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tsunami warning?

EDIT: 2005-06-14 10:25 PDT: Warning was cancelled a while ago; I took a look anyway, saw a big pile of nothing. Thanks for everyone's concern, though (even after I told you to not worry. Sheesh. Bunch o' virtual Moms...)

[Why not worry? Because. That's my place in the circle, and that's 5 flights of stairs down to the walkway ... which is itself above the high tide line.]

EDIT: 2005-06-14 10:35 PDT: Bad me, I should have credited that photo to the California Coastal Records Project; my particular section of coast is here.

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phoenix: deliriumdreams, audra, fun

Whew, busy week.

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I think I've decided that the single most annoying aspect of right-wingers (although more than a few lefties have it as well) is their supreme arrogance that they know the answers, and that those answers just happen to work out well in their favor. How... convenient.

Anyway, rest of week at work was uneventful; finally got a big project thing checked in. There's lots of work yet to be done, but it's all grunt work; the architecture and lifecycle issues are mostly put to bed.

On Friday I flew to Phoenix to meet up with the lovely and sexy deliriumdreams for a few days of visiting and going to concerts.

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A great weekend, and I wasn't even all that thragged. She'll just have to try harder next time. :)
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random new acquaintances

Felt a little guilty for sleeping in despite having made vague plans with my sister, but since they slept in as well, I don't feel too bad. :) Lounged around the house until about one, then headed out to Ranchos for lunch.

I'd been planning on sitting by myself and working on the Reader's crossword puzzle, but R was there and invited me to sit with her group of friends. They were lots of fun: the two gentlemen were both geeks (one at IBM, one a gov't contractor, both working with computers) and generally leftist, Tilley-wearing, world-travelling good people. As we were finishing, we were accosted by the food reviewer for the Reader, who is a charming fellow from New Zealand. We'll have to see if our quotes show up in next week's review...

After eating, we walked over to a local supermarket (because R had remembered a good deal on compact flourescents, which T wanted to buy a handful of and bring home to Maryland(!)), then R went to the pier while the rest of us walked to the Ocean Beach People's Co-Op; I wanted to pick up some soap, and V and M wanted to show T and S the spiffy new building.

From there, I went to Obee's while the other four headed over to Dog Beach. I finally got around to working on the crossword puzzle, which wasn't as easy as usual -- there were two spots that had me stumped. At least I did better than the bartender T, who usually outclasses me easily at crossword puzzles. If it weren't for the fact that he's from England, he'd completely blow me away; as it is, some of the more obscure Americanisms still escape him.

Finally, someone turned up the scenery knob today. Just at Obee's, there were three girls who were insanely attractive; add that to the cute waitress, and one of the cutest waitresses from another pub stopping by for a drink, and it was very distracting. Earlier, there was some wonderful scenery at the co-op -- not surprising, really: take a town that is [in]famous for it's fabulously fit population, and hang out at the health food store. Wow.

A nice day of decompression. Which should come in handy, as a friend is coming over for some computer help tomorrow, then I'm flying to DFW for work Monday-Tuesday, then to PHX next weekend for a show (but I get to see deliriumdreams, YAY!), and lots more travel, visitors, and general busy-ness. Whew.
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